WP-Addpub banners management (wordpress Plugin)


WP-addpub is a very simple plugin that let’s you upload your banners or your html and javascript code to your blog. Can be used, also, for any kind of script (google adsense, paypal donate, youtube video…)

The advantages of this plugin:

* Enabling and disabling the banner
* Display banners in different areas.
* Ability to display a banner depending on any special field (category, tag,…).
* Ability to display a banner depending on the language using the field filter.
* Ability to add/edit a script banner ( since 1.2).
* Ability to display a random banner ( since 1.2.1).

Requires WordPress Version: 2.3 or higher


1. Unzip the file and place the folder wp-addpub in the directory plugins wordpress \ wp-content \ plugins
2. Activate the plug wp-addpub
3. Go on the management of banners in the Options> WP-Addpub

Screenshot :

How-to use:

Add the following line in your theme:

  1. <?php wp_addpub ( "bannerID=1" ) ; ?>

The parameter of the function is a string that contains variables:

* bannerID : Id of the banner
* zone: a text field that can be used to identify an area of your page (eg sidebar,… footer)
* filter: a text field that can be used as a criterion for display (ie value: French, English or Category1, Category2…)
* random : display a random banner (random=true) (since version 1.2.1)

These variables can be used separately or together (example: “zone=sidebar&filter=EN”)

Changelog 1.2.5:
[+] add CDATA to javascript code to ignore by the validator (Thanks to by Jorge)
[+] add the full url to swfobject (Thanks to Jorge)
[+] add width to the banner type input
[-] bug fixed : when updating a banner without uploading a new file, it changes to html code.

Changelog 1.2.4:

[+] code optimization
[-] bug : user level access set to 8 (Thanks to Lars Schenk)
[-] bug : error when adding a html banner (Thanks to inklude)

Changelog 1.2.3:

[-] bug div id when displaying many swf in the same page.
[+] show error if cannot upload the file

Changelog 1.2.2:

[-] bug ie7 resolved. Thanks to Tony V

Changelog 1.2.1:

[+] Display a random banner using random argument. e.g. : wp_addpub (“zone=sidebar&random=true”);

Changelog 1.2:

[+] Accept a script as a banner
[+] Check if there is a new version of the plugin
[-] Correct bug : Edit banner

Changelog 1.1:

[+] add new file “swfload.swf” => enable to click an swf banner
[-] BUG Display flash
[-] Change varchar(255) to TEXT

Download the current version from wordpress.org plugin directory:


127 Responses to WP-Addpub banners management (wordpress Plugin)

  1. admin says:


    You should use the following syntax in your content:

    [wp-addpub bannerID=3]

    for more informations :

  2. Rachel Blum says:

    Recently upgraded the plugin to the newest version and now the banners are not showing up, but the short code is showing up. Any ideas?

  3. I encounter some issues with certains swf files. The preview is fine. But inside the pages or the header they are not playing properly. Is there anybody already coping with this issue ? Thanks for your feedback.

  4. admin says:


    Yes, you should put the right codes in the three places.

    It still work on WP 3.1.4 also.

  5. Jay M. says:

    “If you have 3 banners to put in 3 different places, you need to put the code 3 times using the right filter or bannerID.”

    I will try this. Does it still work for the latest WP version? 3.1.3? Thanks!

  6. HCGeek says:

    Great plugin for wordpress!
    It there a way to add wmode transparancy?


  7. admin says:

    6ark1> You’re welcome :)

  8. 6ark1 says:

    @admin – 3 August 2010 – 10 h 58 min

    Sorry, I should have read through the posts first. Thanks for sorting this out for me.

  9. admin says:

    @Bravepioneer >

    With the following code, you could show a banner that has filter equal to the cat id. You have to specify the id of the categories in the filter field.

    < ?php $catid = get_the_category(); // get the ID of the category // show a banner that has filter equal to the cat id wp_addpub('filter='.$catid[0]->term_id);

  10. 6ark1 says:


    I was wondering if you can send me instructions to make this plugin usable by ‘Editor’ in wordpress.

    Currently the plugin can only be used by ‘admin’ but i want the ‘editor’ to be able to upload banners too.


  11. Bravepioneer says:


    I want to show a banner for each category. Please tell me what code I need to place into my theme to show the banner for the category.

    I have add the category name into the filter field so need to have code that if the post is in category 1, it shows the banner assigned with the filter category 1. If the post is assigned to category 3, the banner with filter category 3 will show instead, automatically. Is this possible?

    Grateful for any advice

    Thank you.

  12. Thank you for a such user friendly plug-in.

    The only question i have is how to make banner rotation using ajax.

    Any suggestions ?

  13. Jorge says:


    Haven’t been here in a while but have been using WP-Addpub a lot.

    For those that would like to give addpub access to editors (or even contributors), just go to wp-addpub.php and change line 520 (on v 1.2.5) to:

    add_submenu_page('tools.php', 'WP Addpub', 'WP AddPub', 5, __FILE__, 'wp_addpub_page');

    This will grant access to level 5 (editors) and change the link location to the Tools section so Options section will still be hidden to editors.

    For a complete levels chart go to http://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities#User_Levels

    BTW, I like the new theme!

  14. didikajah says:

    hello, i just installed wp addpub on my website.
    first, i dont see any problem.
    but since last week, my banner is dissapear…
    any suggestion?

    the banner should show on the bottom of the header.


  15. Seth says:

    Quick question, not looking to add multiple lines per ID, how would you write a loop for all banners activated to show?

  16. NightWalker says:

    Thanks. I have now customizing the Plugin.
    I like your plugin, its simple and the code is good structed.

  17. admin says:


    Sorry, the plugin can only show a unique banner.

    You can use bannerID to show them all :

    wp_addpub ( “bannerID=1” );
    wp_addpub ( “bannerID=2” );
    wp_addpub ( “bannerID=3” );
    wp_addpub ( “bannerID=..” );

    or you could also use a loop.

    Kind Regards.

  18. NightWalker says:

    zone=chap means zone=left :)

    Hope you can help me

  19. NightWalker says:

    argh another try

    Thanks for this great Plugin.

    I’ve created a zone names “left” and add it to my theme like this

    if (function_exists(‘wp_addpub’)) {wp_addpub ( “zone=chap” ) ;}

    and i want to show all Images which are in zone “left” in my sidebar.
    But it always shows only the first Image which has this zone.

    How can i fix it?

    Greats Night Walker

  20. Didikajah says:

    no, i want to put the banner in one place together

  21. admin says:

    If you have 3 banners to put in 3 different places, you need to put the code 3 times using the right filter or bannerID.

  22. Didikajah says:

    sorry… i dont know what’s the problem but i couldnt post the code here…

    but if you could imagine, i just copy paste your code into a div tag on my templates. i think it will be display my 3 active banner but only 1 banner shown. i don’t know what’s wrong with this.

    thank you very much for your help… its just too bad that i couldnt show you the code here… :D

  23. Didikajah says:

    lol… i’ll try once more

  24. admin says:

    please put the code between two < code > < /code >

    < ?php echo "test";?>

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