Zend Studio “The people Behind the Scenes”

Using Zend Studio 5.5, I discovered the following shortcut to display the people that worked on the Zend Studio.

CTRL + SHIFT + Z + double click.

WP-CurrencyConvertor : Currency convertor Widget for WordPress


WP-CurrencyConvertor is a widget for wordpress allowing the currency conversion.



AJAX request.

Using webservice to convert currencies.

Setting defaults values

Turn on PHP4 with nuSoap and PHP5 with PHP_SOAP’s extension.

Screenshots :

Changelog 1.0.1:

[-] Fix bug js (Thanks to jeff )


WP-CurrencyConvertor v1.0.1

WP-CurrencyConvertor runs on WordPress versions 2.2 and more

WP-Addpub banners management (wordpress Plugin)


WP-addpub is a very simple plugin that let’s you upload your banners or your html and javascript code to your blog. Can be used, also, for any kind of script (google adsense, paypal donate, youtube video…)

The advantages of this plugin:

* Enabling and disabling the banner
* Display banners in different areas.
* Ability to display a banner depending on any special field (category, tag,…).
* Ability to display a banner depending on the language using the field filter.
* Ability to add/edit a script banner ( since 1.2).
* Ability to display a random banner ( since 1.2.1).

Requires WordPress Version: 2.3 or higher